The Roycroft

Mary Pratt became a Roycroft Artisan in 2013, and was elevated to Master Roycroft Artisan in 2017.

What was Elbert Hubbard’s Roycroft?

The Roycroft was a communal business and crafts colony founded in East Aurora, NY in 1895 by Elbert Hubbard.  It was one of several utopian societies that formed during the Arts & Crafts Movement in response to shoddy, mass-produced goods and soullessness of the industrial age.  The Roycroft became known for their furniture, pottery, metal work, and hand-printed, tooled leather books, which exemplified the principles of quality, beauty, and the worthwhile life.

The Roycroft closed in 1938.

What is the Roycroft Renaissance?

Inspired by the Roycroft’s principles, the Roycroft Renaissance was born in the 1970’2, and a new community of independent artisans was established.

To become a Roycroft Renaissance artisan, an artist must submit his work to a jury comprised of all the Master Artisans.  Only artisans whose work exemplifies the following criteria are awarded the use of the RR mark:

1) high quality craftsmanship

2) excellence in design

3) continuing artistic growth

4) originality of expression

5) professional recognition

An artisan must jury once annually, to demonstrate continued excellence and growth.  After four years, if the work is shown to be exceptional, the jury may nominate an artisan for Master Artisan jury consideration the following year.

When you see the RR mark on a piece of work, be assured it was made to the highest standards with “Head, Heart, and Hand”.

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